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  .71 Carat Round

  Clarity: SI2

  Color: D

  Johnson's Price: $3555

  .92 Carat Round

  Clarity: SI2

  Color: E

  Johnson's Price: $5890

  1.01 Carat Round

  Clarity: SI2

  Color: F

  Johnson's Price: $6995

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  .56 Carat Princess

  Clarity: SI2

  Color: F

  Johnson's Price: $2210

  .23 Carat Round

  Clarity: SI2-3

  Color: G/H

  Johnson's Price: $675

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  1.01 Carat Pear

  Clarity: I1

  Color: H/I

  Johnson's Price: $3500

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  1.20 Carat Round

  Clarity: I1

  Color: D

  Johnson's Price: $4980