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Established in 1881, Seiko is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world. Seiko has been a leader in innovation since the beginning. In 1969 Seiko introduced the world's first quartz watch. After its introduction, quartz became an industry standard and is still used in most watches today. Seiko watches represent both modern and classic designs, and are accompanied by a 3 year warranty. 

In 1970 Pulsar changed the wrist watch landscape by introducing the world's first electronic digital watch. Today, Pulsar watches are manufactured by Seiko, and incorporate their years of expertise. Pulsar offers a comprehensive 3 year warranty on all of their watches; this warranty covers every part of the watch including strap, crystal, and any accessories. 

In 1875, Joseph Bulova opened his own jewelry store on Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan. He called it J. Bulova, and quickly distinguished himself with the quality and artistry of his work. Bulova debuted its first ever complete line of men's jeweled wristwatches in 1919. In 1926 Bulova broadcast the first ever national radio commercial, and, in 1941, aired the world's first television commercial. Bulova watches are covered with a 3 year warranty.

One pivotal technological breakthrough was the development of a light-driven watch. Citizen pioneered this engineering innovation well ahead of other watch manufacturers as early as 1976, which led to the launch of the highly acclaimed Eco-Drive in 1995. Eco-Drive eliminated the need to ever replace batteries. Citizen also carries standard quartz operated watches. Each Citizen watch comes with a 5 year warranty, and you can register your watch online for an additional year.